What’s Happening? (Pt. 1)

Over the past few years there have been many UBI trials around the world, with more on the way, including a recently announced one in Scotland. I thought it might be interesting to take a (very) brief look at a couple of these to see what they mean for the possibility of an actual UBI in the future.

Since there have been quite a few I thought I would split this into two posts. This one will look at UBI trials in India, Kenya and Uganda, and later this week I’ll look at Finland, Canada and the Netherlands.

First up, India. This trial involved giving everyone in the rural villages of Madhya Pradesh a basic income for 18 months. The results of this were better nutrition, health and school attendance. It was so successful that they decided to have more trials and the government is now considering introducing a full UBI.

GiveDirectly has been helping families living in extreme poverty in Kenya since 2008, but more recently they’ve announced a basic income experiment. This will involve 4 groups of villages receiving either a long-term basic income for 12 years, a short-term one for 2 years, or a lump sum of the same amount as well as a control group. With such a comprehensive study, this should give a definitive answer to how well this can work in the region.

Finally, a non-profit organisation called Eight has launched a basic income project in Uganda, providing an income to a number of people using mobile money. This trial just started in January of this year, but we’re excited to find out what the results will be.

Let us know your opinion of these trials or any others in the comments and look out for part 2 later this week!



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