What’s Happening? (Pt. 2)

As promised here’s part 2 of the post looking at recent UBI trials.

This time we’ll be looking at trials in wealthier nations which are probably a lot more like Australia. Specifically, looking at trials going on at the moment in Finland and plans for ones in Canada and the Netherlands.

The Finnish trial, probably the most talked about one at the moment, involves 2000 unemployed Finnish people being given 560 euros a month. This trial should show that giving people an unconditional income would actually increase their productivity as they can get jobs without fear of losing welfare payments. It is also showing the psychological benefits of not having to go through the bureaucratic nightmare of means-testing and of having a guaranteed income.

After the incredibly successful trial in Dauphin which unfortunately lost funding before its results could be published, Canada is once again doing a large-scale UBI trial. This time in Ontario, spread throughout three cities to investigate if a UBI has different effects in different urban and rural regions.

Utrecht and some surrounding cities in The Netherlands are also going to have a UBI trial soon. This trial is called “Weten Wat Werkt” or “Know what works” and will involve 250 citizens in 6 different groups receiving different amounts with different work requirements to see which works best.

Finally, we don’t know much about it yet but we’re very excited to hear that there is going to be a UBI trial in Scotland very soon. Hopefully the Australian government will see the success of all these trials around the world and have their own soon.

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